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ISO.9001 "Wholesale" Supplier for Annular cutters, Metal working tools, magnetic drilling machines and accessories in UAE
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HSS / TCT / Cobalt annular cutters in UAE

Authorised distributor for Macstroc annular cutter, and wholesaler in UAE and middleeast.  we are supplier for HSS annular cutter, TCT annular cutters, and cobalt annular cutters, and annular cutters suitable for Hardox,  distribute through out UAE, saudi arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and bahrain.  we supply all sizes of annular cutters from 12MM upto 150MM, and longer length and special annular cutters. Macstroc HSS annular cutters are Mac-Shank which fit in to weldon and nitto machines.

#HSS annular cutters starting from 12MM upto 65MM (Macshank, watch below video about macshank )

# TCT annular cutters starts from 12MM upto 200MM

# Extra Length TCT annular cutter (80MM length and 100MM length)


Magnetic drilling machine in UAE

wholesale supplier for magnetic drilling machine range of Ø12-120MM. we are also a supplier for magnetic drill accessories 

Countersinks and step drills

Supplier of countersinks weldon shank, countersink parallel shank, Step drills and various metal working tools.

HIGH Grade carbide burrs

TCT annular cutters from Ø12-200MM, and we capable to supply special length like 75MM, 100MM, 120MM and 150MM. 

All accessories for Magnetic drills

we do supply all kind of mag-drill accessories like, arbors, chucks, coolant chucks, adapters, various connections for different magnetic drills, tapping attachments, Step drills, and twist drills, weldon counter sinks, other universal/ weldon attachments for magnetic drills.

Quality Magnetic drill supplier in UAE, we supply mag-drills Accessories, and workshop tools