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ISO.9001 "Wholesale" Supplier for Magnetic drilling machine and accessories in UAE
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Latest, advanced model magnetic drills :

Magnetic Drill 35MM Macstroc STROC.35H The Heavy duty, Hardworking Magdrill in UAE, for I-beams and frameworks.


Annular cutting
Ø 12 – 35 mm
Twist drilling
Ø 1 – 13 mm
Countersinking Ø 10 – 40 mm
320 mm
Width 210mm
Height 395-520 mm 
Stroke 165 mm
13 kg
Magnet (l x w x h)
180 x 80 x 50 mm
Magnetic force 13000N
Motor power 1200 W
Total power 1200 W
Speed (no load) 595 rpm
Speed (load 1200 W) 440 rpm
Spindle  (Weldon) 19,05 mm
Voltage 110 – 120 V / 60 Hz
  220 – 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz



Magnetic drill - Upgraded Model Stroc.35HV

Upgraded Model Stroc.35HV with variable speed and extendable height ( click to View)

Magnetic drill 50MM, Stroc.50HV

New – advanced model magnetic drill with 50mm capacity and variable speed

Magnetic drill with tapping, 60MM, Stroc.60HVT

magnetic drill 60mm, heavyduty, advanced and with reverse-forward option for tapping, Stroc.60HVT


we do wholesale for the annular cutters, and we keep almost all the sizes in stock. Our supply range is from Ø12-100MM and for wide range of applications.we also supply 5%cobalt, and 8% cobalt annular cutters.

HIGH Grade HSS/TCT annular cutters

TCT annular cutters from Ø12-200MM, and we capable to supply special length like 75MM, 100MM, 120MM and 150MM. 

Step drills, and twist drills

we do supply all kind of mag-drill accessories like, arbors, chucks, coolant chucks, adapters, various connections for different magnetic drills, tapping attachments, weldon counter sinks, other universal/ weldon attachments for magnetic drills.

Quality Magnetic drill supplier in UAE, we supply mag-drills Accessories, and workshop tools